Adult Education


Click HERE to Download the 2019-2020 Rabbi Mark G. Loeb for Lifelong Learning Center Brochure

We hope you will enjoy the cultural, intellectual, scholarly, and entertaining programing experiences that are provided. 

They will inspire, engage, and stimulate your thinking; there is truly something for everyone. 

The Rabbi Loeb Center has created a community of devoted learners as well as the most enthusiastic, talented presenters and instructors. Our Clergy and many staff members will be facilitating classes, series, and events so that you can learn and get to know our Beth El family; they will share their knowledge, expertise, and love for learning with you.

For more information and to register for Adult Education programs and classes, please contact Ellen Marks at [email protected] or 410-580-5166.


Dr. Eyal Bor, Director of The Rabbi Mark G. Loeb Center for Lifelong Learning, [email protected]
Ellen Marks,
Administrator of The Rabbi Mark G. Loeb Center for Lifelong Learning, [email protected]

Chairs of Adult Education Committee: 

Judy Pachino
Janet Penn

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Become a Member

We believe that Torah (exploring the accumulated wisdom of our tradition), Chesed (extending kindness, hospitality, and generosity to others) and Kedusha (bringing God and holiness into life’s every day and sacred moments) can provide us with direction, meaning, and connection in an evolving world.

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