Cultural Trips

Cultural Trips Registration Process

Please read the following instructions so that we can include you on the trips. Only members of the Congregation or Sisterhood may register for the trip(s). Three weeks after registration opens, people who are non-members of the Sisterhood or Congregation, may register for a trip.

The cultural trips usually require walking around museums, gardens and homes.  Many of the trips require walking steps. Please consider these physical requirements before you sign up for the trip.  If you are in doubt, call the destination and inquire about their physical facilities, elevators, etc.

Registration forms for a specific trip or trips will be on the website at 9:30 a.m. on the specified date.  These forms will also be on the Sisterhood stand located in the Offit Lobby beginning that day. A form needs to be completed by each person registering.  It is important you complete the entire form.  The information requested is not shared but is used to make sure you can be contacted and we have the necessary information for you in case of an emergency. If lunch is included, you are to complete the lunch request form too.

Your registration form(s) and your check made out to Beth El Sisterhood must be mailed to the person who is listed on the form.  Only registrations mailed to the address listed on the form will be accepted in the order that they are received.  The envelope must have a US post mark.  Only one registration per envelope unless you are a couple

If your registration form arrives after the trip is full, you will be notified, your check will be returned, and you will be placed on the waiting list. Do not hesitate to go on the wait list.  There are always cancellations so you have a good chance of getting on the trip. Cancellations are filled in the following order: Members of the Congregation and Sisterhood, members of Sisterhood, members of the Congregation and then people who are not affiliated with the Congregation or Sisterhood.