Committees and Affiliates

Adult Choir
Director: Cantor Thom King - tho[email protected]

Adult Education 
Engage the community in lifelong learning.
Chairs: Judy Pachino - [email protected] 
Janet Penn - [email protected] 

Blood Drive Committee
Organize our annual blood drives.
Chair: Steve Silber - [email protected]

Empty Nesters / Baby Boomers
Co-presidents: Debbie Shore - [email protected] 
Helene Lutz - [email protected]

Environmental Committee
Organize events that support environmental stewardship.
Chair: Donna Brown - [email protected]

Events and Holidays
Help plan and implement our holiday programming.
Chairs: Susie Kolker - [email protected]

Family Teacher Organization
Volunteer and plan events that enhance the preschool community.
Chairs: Shelby Laugtug - [email protected]
Melinda McGlothlin - [email protected]

Outreach to Interfaith families.
Chairs: Gail Willoughby - [email protected]
Melissa West - [email protected]

Israel Affairs
Create learning and cultural events focusing on Israel.
Chair: Randy Lutz - [email protected]

Welcome new members to the Beth El family.
Chair: Gail Willoughby - [email protected]

Memorial Park
Be a steward of Beth El’s Cemetery.  
Chair: Bruce Friedman - [email protected]

Men’s Club
Social, Cultural, and Educational programming for men of all ages.
Co-presidents: Elliot Merenbloom - [email protected]
Rene Daniel - [email protected]

Religious School
Support the Religious School Director and the educational program. 
Chair: Marissa Myers - [email protected]

Safety & Security
Chair: Saul Jacobs - [email protected]

Social and Cultural programming for men and women ages 55 and up.
Co-presidents: Ruthye Steinberg - [email protected]
Ellen Budish - [email protected]

Social, Cultural, and Educational programming for women of all ages.
Co-presidents: Gloria Luchinsky - [email protected]
Cherie Strwart - [email protected]

Social Action
Organize chesed and social justice initiaives. 
Chairs: Myra Katz - [email protected]
Marci Elkin - [email protected]